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$20 Booking fee goes toward total price.
It's not refundable. However, we try to work with your busy schedule, and will allow you to reschedule TWICE. We've got your back!

Booking fee is included in price!



• From 1200-2400 pixel image that works with most online work.

• Extremely reasonable prices

• Photographer with minimal equipment for quicker process.

• A photographer with minimum equipment

This plan is good for any personal use and/or images for personal or business 

Reproduction of images may not work with this plan (use the commercial plan for reproduction value)

Pleasure/Low Budget Project/Local Actors & Models/Private & Family Project

• Up to 6000 pix per image

• Photographer travels with all equipment and gear needed, extra staff included if necessary.

• As these images take a little more time,  client will be notified of progress through meetings before and during shooting and photographer will be available for questions.

This plan is good for high-end finish/quality images and publishers who want to reproduce images or use for your own advertisement.

Corporate, Fashion Industry, Actors/Models, High volume traffic websites, publishers

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